Friday, January 19, 2018

Greater than Words

A new day and the cold turns inward,
some untold story keeps turning in my mind.
Anguish and resentment moving forward,
we return to strength, the source of an inner light.
Love is a burning sun, somewhere the mind,
waiting there for my heart's delight.

The mind filled with endless concern,
judgement testing limits, trying our patience.
Am I the same? If not, how might I return,
how might the days go back to those yesteryears?
I linger here inside my ever fading presence,
too distant even for shedding tears.

Our practice makes perfect in theory,
but our hearts and minds experience the pain.
Living day after year, hearts grow weary,
and soon look quietly for strength in one another.
When all else has faded away, I shall remain,
finding hope, one day after another.

My trust is here and with you always,
from the beginning, yesterday and tomorrow.
Listen closely to a heart, hear what it says,
sometimes silence says more than any single word.
Your beauty and joy is greater than sorrow,
the sweetest heart I have ever heard.

Brian Francis Hudon
January 19, 2018

Monday, June 26, 2017

If There Were No Stars

If there were no stars there would be you,
and music that my heart would soar across the land.
If my life is beautiful and more than this too,
I would be an eagle in the night flying into the day.
A beautiful heart sings out to take your hand,
but not so if my nature would have its way.

Beauty is not found in the mask or mirror,
but in truth and the openness of the spoken word.
So soon I would face any waiting task or fear,
and anxiously turn my face to the moon or the sun.
And if beyond my anxieties my heart is heard,
than perhaps at last my true life has begun.

Brian Francis Hudon
June 26, 2017

Monday, June 19, 2017

Across the Years

A sudden look through an old man's eyes,
love across the years and something more beautiful.
A bond never taken for granted, no disguises,
here are two hearts that will travel together the miles.
But only a sudden look, for dreams are plentiful,
the reality of a moment now lost in smiles.

After so many years thoughts become one,
after many long years, there are no words to be said.
For now, he can only wonder what has begun,
what trust has been won, does she yet see him as he is?
Are words enough to give her nothing to dread,
or something more than the words he says?

From the fateful moment I turned I knew,
I knew I was older and younger and in the moment.
Such moments as these are so rare and so few,
could my fears of disappointment finally release me?
Love is elusive, more than some unseen element,
nor could I bend to my will what cannot be.

Hope and faithfulness will guide our way,
and should answer those questions only time can ask.
I'd not leave you, for a moment or even a day,
not if you might only have me as I am, my dear friend.
If time could find me ready and equal to the task,
I could love and hope to my journey's end.

Brian Francis Hudon
June 20, 2017

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Happy Once More

Come now little one, no fears,
know you are loved and take my hand.
Hold me now and dry your tears,
you will dream and be happy once more.
It's a place for your heart to land,
a place to trust as it did before.

Some song I've always known,
I know it is love and it takes you away
I hear it often and I am not alone,
embracing me in its warmth like the sun.
Just another time and another day,
always this life has just begun.

You heart feels more than ever,
as your mind races with many feelings.
It will not remain this way forever,
if I said nothing - my heart would break.
Life cannot contain these dealings,
all the emotions it would take.

So I look for life in your smile,
as you open your eyes to one more day,
So hour by hour and mile by mile,
take each step with me now my little one.
Happiness is only a moment away,
always this life has just begun.

Brian Francis Hudon
May 28, 2017

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Always With You

Rest now little child, off to sleep,
sleep and dream for I am with you still.
Rest your weary heart, do not weep,
tomorrow is a new day and ready for living.
Be mild of heart and be strong of will,
and be ready for love and giving.

Be ready to laugh, ready to smile,
for this is what you are, a brighter light.
The sadness is only for a little while,
and then happiness you will remember only.
I am always by your side, day or night,
forever too, if ever you are lonely.

You'll ever be that same little girl,
the one that ever brings a smile to faces.
And to my heart, my joy, my world,
you are my friend and still holding my hand.
However the days or how many places,
I'm with you wherever you stand.

Dry now your eyes and your face,
reach for the stars, but steady your feet.
Wherever your heart is, is our space,
with no goodbyes, for I shall see you again.
My beautiful child, my life is complete,
in you, no matter where or when. 

Brian Francis Hudon
May 3, 2017

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

For a Single Word

Keeping my heart for a single word,
I still move silently in the orbit of your days.
Confiding nothing, only silence is heard,
breaking the illusion of trust, I reveal my secrecy.
And I know I must, in the changing of ways,
while confidence is betrayed so easily.

Forever observed by unknown eyes,
words are secretly spoken, a sentence passed
Beyond judgement and the constant lies,
trust is greater than reputations so easily burned.
The tired web of consequences is widely cast,
and filled with painful lessons learned.

You encourage my heart dear friend,
you friend, who would judge me so severely.
You know me so well, I too often offend,
being the careless, unthinking creature that I am.
Yet I care for you still and love you secretly,
I'll have shared with you all that I can.

From night until the break of dawn,
my dreams consume me there, hour by hour.
Never once is every thought of you gone,
nor would I have it so, lest I lose myself entirely.
My heart won't let go this sweetest flower,
in the hope dreams might set me free.

Brian Francis Hudon
April 18, 2017

Monday, April 17, 2017

As Bold as Love

Alone in much quiet uncertainty,
I can find rest in sleeping and dreaming.
How to be all they I think I must be,
and I discover time for the person I once was.
Hidden wounds find eventual healing,
while love gives a reason to pause.

I must know beauty in what I see,
in myself and a heart and the truth of me.
Of hands that give so much, so freely,
I am afraid, for being so bold by such caring.
Yet there is one that my heart sets free,
ever smiling at my care free daring.

The shy one always looking down,
there's no need to apologize or say sorry.
In so many emotions I might drown,
or might embrace the tide to find a new heart.
I barely remember that night so starry,
yet I remember, it does not depart.

Such a reveal would leave us bare,
unveiled, before a world's watchful eyes.
So often now life is cruel and unfair,
yet we find hope for ourselves, in each other.
As the sun always shines in fairer skies,
we might always find one another.

Brian Francis Hudon
April 17, 2017