Saturday, January 21, 2017

Home Away From Home

I see you and I long to touch your face,
and my heart will race and my eyes search you.
It is here that I'm happy for days and days,
more if I could know the contours of your hand.
I wish that there was more that I could do,
only tell me that I'm still your friend.

My hope like light dancing in the skies,
the cold winter's night that seeks its morning.
Always somewhere in the day it slowly dies,
in relenting to the fear and doubt I become lost,
Always listening to some un-heard warning,
I run and I hide amid the cold and frost.

Though I could let you warm my heart,
if you could find your courage to look for me.
I am not that one who would soon depart,
I would never leave you far from home or alone.
It is only you who would ever rescue me,
from ever again becoming sad or alone.

A would can show some sign of heaven,
a better place where we can find one another.
A look or a smile would restore me again,
an embrace would be as a dream I cannot dream.
Yet you're always the place I go to recover,
a home away from home it would seem. 

Brian Francis Hudon
January 21, 2017

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

My World

Nothing explains this silence,
and the words that are said in between.
In some passive act of defiance,
the words friend is both used and abused.
Yes, I know, happier days I've seen,
when things were less confused.

Mine is now that silent prison,
where I do not speak the words in me.
In our promises made and given,
something was lost, something forgotten.
Now I can only wonder at what I see,
as I look at this new day begotten.

Tell me now that I'm not lost,
that I'll still find some road back to you.
I would still be yours at any cost,
you should know this and so much more.
My only joy is in everything you do,
wishing it were as it was before.

Please say I'm some silly fool,
who worries too often over everything.
Say I've not broken every rule,
or ever given you any cause to doubt me.
I'm yours in all tomorrow may bring,
that which makes the best of me.

Brian Francis Hudon
January 3, 2017