Friday, July 1, 2016

I Dream

A home that is a home, I dream,
of that friend who best knows my heart.
To be greeted by her familiar gleam,
is to be welcomed by the eyes of a friend.
All these I so desire, before I depart,
before my life's road finds an end.

Yet still my days know longing,
that deeper hunger for love and peace.
And should in you I find belonging,
I will know joy in my true heart's victory.
Our sun's warm light does not cease,
not in love's most subtle mystery.

We'll bring all the colors of day,
in joy and laughter, in quiet reflection.
Yet we'll find our own beautiful way,
an escape from fear and voices of sadness.
Sweet nostalgia in quiet recollection,
is welcomed in hearts of gladness.

Do not fear a hand, or embrace,
days are brief, and these moments too.
So is my home where I see your face,
I'll know you friend, forever and always.
Bold and brave are becoming to you,
and like beauty, follow your days.

Brian Francis Hudon
July 1, 2016

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