Sunday, February 12, 2017

If the Truth Remains

How do I not play the stranger,
looking to you, seeing a stranger's eyes?
Is their mistrust or hidden anger,
and is there no way that I might tell?
My heart would show you no disguise,
as much in love as the day it fell.

And yes I dare use such a word,
as so many other words would fall short.
I could use others you have heard,
if I didn't prefer to quietly wait here.
So long my hope and my silent support,
the cause of my doubt and fear.

I hide in the dark of winter days,
in some part waiting for season's change.
I see hope and light in other ways,
in a beautiful smile or a simple look.
Answers appear as the words rearrange,
and so my heart is an open book.

Hold me now as you did before,
just for one minute or longer if you will.
Say to me now and forever more,
as ever, you are mine and I am yours.
Please say if the truth remains true still,
that love and friendship endures.

Brian Francis Hudon
February 13, 2017

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