Monday, June 19, 2017

Across the Years

A sudden look through an old man's eyes,
love across the years and something more beautiful.
A bond never taken for granted, no disguises,
here are two hearts that will travel together the miles.
But only a sudden look, for dreams are plentiful,
the reality of a moment now lost in smiles.

After so many years thoughts become one,
after many long years, there are no words to be said.
For now, he can only wonder what has begun,
what trust has been won, does she yet see him as he is?
Are words enough to give her nothing to dread,
or something more than the words he says?

From the fateful moment I turned I knew,
I knew I was older and younger and in the moment.
Such moments as these are so rare and so few,
could my fears of disappointment finally release me?
Love is elusive, more than some unseen element,
nor could I bend to my will what cannot be.

Hope and faithfulness will guide our way,
and should answer those questions only time can ask.
I'd not leave you, for a moment or even a day,
not if you might only have me as I am, my dear friend.
If time could find me ready and equal to the task,
I could love and hope to my journey's end.

Brian Francis Hudon
June 20, 2017

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