Sunday, February 19, 2017

So Rarely Heard

If I could spread an eagle's wings,
let loose this heart of clay so hardened.
Let skies part where hope still sings,
where loves finds me before unknown seas.
The hands of the clock are pardoned,
and mine should your heart please.

And my heart longs for any word,
if only it be yours, for my foolish days.
Know that it will be carefully heard,
despite all my foolish ways, I will still wait.
Thoughts fade, into the distant haze,
waiting for this loneliness to abate.

And so like a hero without a cape,
so are all my intentions thus disguised.
Yet outcomes cast a stranger shape,
leaving life confused, and my heart with it.
Always again, my words so ill advised,
each betrays good intent within it.

From a beautiful night of spring,
I address you again, pleading my cause.
Be this serious or but a trifling thing,
all I can say to you is but the heartfelt word.
While many words give reason to pause,
I pray now for those so rarely heard.

Dear friend, I am so sorry this day,
be certain that I'm here for you always.
For the words I said and did not say,
I am sorry I was not listening with my heart.
Much might we cherish for all our days,
should friends choose to never part

Brian Francis Hudon
February 19, 2017

The Unknown Years

If there is joy in the unknown years,
would we take them, not matter their number?
For the laughter beyond unspoken fears,
should we wager our lives and cherish every day?
What the night brings while men slumber,
who knows and if love, who can say?

And what if today were the only day,
can we then live in the moment every moment?
And for a moment more, stop time today,
were it possible we should, to live here and now.
For so much lost time there is atonement,
if so, than love might show us how.

Brian Francis Hudon
February 19, 2017

Sunday, February 12, 2017

If the Truth Remains

How do I not play the stranger,
looking to you, seeing a stranger's eyes?
Is their mistrust or hidden anger,
and is there no way that I might tell?
My heart would show you no disguise,
as much in love as the day it fell.

And yes I dare use such a word,
as so many other words would fall short.
I could use others you have heard,
if I didn't prefer to quietly wait here.
So long my hope and my silent support,
the cause of my doubt and fear.

I hide in the dark of winter days,
in some part waiting for season's change.
I see hope and light in other ways,
in a beautiful smile or a simple look.
Answers appear as the words rearrange,
and so my heart is an open book.

Hold me now as you did before,
just for one minute or longer if you will.
Say to me now and forever more,
as ever, you are mine and I am yours.
Please say if the truth remains true still,
that love and friendship endures.

Brian Francis Hudon
February 13, 2017