Wednesday, May 25, 2016

In Seasons New

Be you a friend or be you a lover,
I am yours, though broken I might be.
And in every good thing I discover,
beauty that I might share, if you be there.
You're my best friend, a friend to me,
if my days be either dark or fair.

My night is young in seasons new,
although the stars and clouds be at war.
If there be peace in me and I in you,
my heart is good and my dreams find rest.
These stars should guide me as before,
and a friend who knows me best.

While I find no words in our eyes,
I cannot look away, though we are lost.
I find my way in a smile and in sighs,
in a moment to breath, be I silent to long.
If patience is mine, I'll accept the cost,
without fears I might be wrong.

Come now friend and be at peace,
worry not about tomorrow any longer.
Find your joy where joy takes lease,
find love and beauty in a friend's embrace.
Each new victory makes you stronger,
while I find joy in a familiar face.

Brian Francis Hudon
May 25, 2016

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