Sunday, May 1, 2016

For Eyes Uncertain

A depth of emotion reveals me,
this thing that I am, in these feelings.
I see this reflection, so peacefully,
in another, the storm beneath the sea.
In this terrifying maze of dealings,
why can't my heart leave me be.

Too many, too close, very soon,
and I would run, could I find my way.
My dreams are broken and strewn,
their threat not real, as real as my fear.
Longing for night to become day,
to run from this broken mirror.

In every startled hope a breath,
hour by hour is a joy that greets me.
As distant as the moon, new death,
old dreams fade from my imagination.
Our love as true as ever it might be,
if we embraced its true creation.

Sweet flesh is truth, a plain face,
natural and beautiful, easily revealed.
Hands that help, my familiar place,
for eyes uncertain as to where to turn.
My silence is only happy, concealed,
in the heart where passions burn.

A word is not stone, held tightly,
I would say everything, if I was brave.
A heart's not cold, nor beats lightly,
if what I would hold dear be held dear.
If I say nothing only pride I'd save,
losing loving friendship for fear.

Brian Francis Hudon
May 1, 2016

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