Saturday, October 8, 2016

Before Days are Old

Somewhere beneath the same sky,
I'm here like you, gazing at the same moon.
Somewhere like you I'm wondering why,
if you stand beneath these stars and feel as alone.
I'm sure you're sleeping now or will be soon,
I wonder if the questions are my own.

Do not wonder if a heart will stray,
not mine, today, tomorrow or any time after.
I've known only one way to find my way,
that leads someday to a home I've never known.
Somewhere in your smile and your laughter,
the seeds of my happiness of are sown.

Something so easy and so ordinary,
these roads never come with their own signs.
Somewhere the world becomes less scary,
and we put aside fears to talk of ordinary things.
Finding happiness and joy outside the lines,
I would find a way to spread my wings,

So comes this strangeness of night,
unsettled loneliness and the search for sleep.
I'll look for answers in the morning light,
perhaps wander somewhere in the autumn cold.
Soon I'll be back with thoughts not so deep,
to know you again before days are old.

Brian Francis Hudon
October 9, 2016

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