Wednesday, October 5, 2016

When You're Near

I finally free a silence unspoken,
a breath held like a thousand tomorrows.
Though a last wall remains unbroken,
giving way to endless nights of silent tears.
But tears of passion know no sorrows,
with the embrace of hopeful years.

Shadows and color in perfect lines,
fills the eyes, imagination and our senses.
What I could guess in truth it defines,
beauty beyond words, finally within reach.
Softer than colors, it breaks defenses,
a very sensation stealing my speech.

The morning light wakes too soon,
as grateful hearts would welcome the sun.
My heart races be it morning or noon,
stirring at a whisper or a thought or a word.
To dream if my life had not yet begun,
so it is if your name I had not heard.

Happiness seeks me in your places,
and sadness when you are gone too long.
Not finding you among familiar faces,
makes me long more for when you're near.
The music of seeing you, a lovely song,
cures my life of every trace of fear.

Brian Francis Hudon
October 6, 2016

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