Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Always With You

Rest now little child, off to sleep,
sleep and dream for I am with you still.
Rest your weary heart, do not weep,
tomorrow is a new day and ready for living.
Be mild of heart and be strong of will,
and be ready for love and giving.

Be ready to laugh, ready to smile,
for this is what you are, a brighter light.
The sadness is only for a little while,
and then happiness you will remember only.
I am always by your side, day or night,
forever too, if ever you are lonely.

You'll ever be that same little girl,
the one that ever brings a smile to faces.
And to my heart, my joy, my world,
you are my friend and still holding my hand.
However the days or how many places,
I'm with you wherever you stand.

Dry now your eyes and your face,
reach for the stars, but steady your feet.
Wherever your heart is, is our space,
with no goodbyes, for I shall see you again.
My beautiful child, my life is complete,
in you, no matter where or when. 

Brian Francis Hudon
May 3, 2017

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