Tuesday, April 18, 2017

For a Single Word

Keeping my heart for a single word,
I still move silently in the orbit of your days.
Confiding nothing, only silence is heard,
breaking the illusion of trust, I reveal my secrecy.
And I know I must, in the changing of ways,
while confidence is betrayed so easily.

Forever observed by unknown eyes,
words are secretly spoken, a sentence passed
Beyond judgement and the constant lies,
trust is greater than reputations so easily burned.
The tired web of consequences is widely cast,
and filled with painful lessons learned.

You encourage my heart dear friend,
you friend, who would judge me so severely.
You know me so well, I too often offend,
being the careless, unthinking creature that I am.
Yet I care for you still and love you secretly,
I'll have shared with you all that I can.

From night until the break of dawn,
my dreams consume me there, hour by hour.
Never once is every thought of you gone,
nor would I have it so, lest I lose myself entirely.
My heart won't let go this sweetest flower,
in the hope dreams might set me free.

Brian Francis Hudon
April 18, 2017

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