Sunday, August 21, 2016

A Thousand Dreams and Miles

Now, what words shall I say,
of these pictures in a thousand dreams.
And so I'll think of you another day,
only tomorrow, though beauty never ends.
An array of light in endless streams,
like the stars, this love it mends. 

To close my eyes at your side,
I could sleep again - as I slept long ago.
This fragile road, this care free ride,
in the moments I take nothing for granted.
My heart is young with you I know,
I am more and more enchanted.

Your gentle heart's revealed,
though you say but a word in kindness.
With but a glance my heart is sealed,
given in friendship, my loyalty for the ages.
In importance there is our likeness,
greater than words on the pages.

Amazing thoughts of beauty,
as you surprise and inspire, I am stolen.
Moved by my love's honor and duty,
I would continue the road a thousand miles.
In so many times when I have fallen,
you would lift me in your smiles.

Here, the touch of your hand,
it takes away every fear without a name.
And though nothing I have planned,
I have merely strayed where the heart leads.
Yet without you I am never the same,
I know now what my heart needs.

If you might turn away fear,
closing your eyes for a moment of trust,
I promise the day will not shed a tear,
and some do live in the moment, unending.
In yesterday, are only ashes and dust,
but today, our heart is mending. 

Brian Francis Hudon
August 22, 2016

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