Monday, August 29, 2016

La Nom De La Rose

Too long the darkness I'd known,
wondering at the words of a single night.
And not like a dream, I was left alone,
to carelessly think upon what I had heard.
Though dreams dared not take flight,
they lingered, whispering a word.

Then as a light from a distant star,
I took a step towards the waiting border.
Though I would wander, wide and far
my heart remained upon its single course.
Within its throes did grace find order,
the likeness of beauty at its source.

Kindness and love for any creature,
given in character, a wisdom of the heart.
Delicacy and strength in every feature,
is her look that sparkles like morning dew.
Though I am torn by a moment apart,
I am met by joy in each day anew.

Her embrace is a fare scent and rare.
as warm and tender as an evening's dream.
For a breath of life and touch of hair,
the poet's ransom is offered in every word.
For love as beloved as this might seem,
I pray that wonder is as I've heard.

Brian Francis Hudon
August 30, 2016

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