Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Autumn Dreams

Why so quiet and distant now?
and where might I search for you again?
Why so much concern on your brow,
I am still me and happy when you're near.
I can remember when I met you then,
filled with much doubt and fear.

So I'm trusting we'll not change,
that a friendship remains - for you and I.
Nothing now could seem so strange,
or is the distance between my imagination?
What lifts our heart which flies so high,
and moves our very foundation?

Like an autumn day in dreams,
so I would rest in your arms for a season.
And more than mere sleep it seems,
like a daydream comforting with illusions.
Like an irrational fear without reason,
love provides all our conclusions.

Happy under the sun and gold,
so am I with you, anytime or anywhere.
As love drives away that winter cold,
I'll not grow old, but richer in memories.
So too, you will only grow more fair,
as deep and beautiful as the seas.

Brian Francis Hudon
September 27, 2016

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