Sunday, September 25, 2016

Let My Sorrows Be No More

I am tired and tired of sadness,
and soon I'll put my night behind me.
I long for my joy and my gladness,
and a friend, the warmth of a summer day.
I long for dreams of what might be,
and wonder is there a better way.

Somehow I've always known you,
in the fear and darkness of my nights.
In summer days, I've knew you too,
in lonely hours under the lazy midday sun.
You were my hope in starry nights,
long before my days had begun.

So yours is my first word found,
when my own good words do fail me.
Though I should hold my ground,
know yours are the hands I should hold.
Though every trouble may leave me, 
days with you will not grow old.

Hope is a happiness for the day,
that tomorrow is greater than the last.
You smile, take every worry away,
the way you've done so many times before.
Help me leave yesterday in the past,
and let my sorrows be no more.

Brian Francis Hudon
September 25, 2016

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