Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Dream

One night past I had a dream,
that I held my dreams in my hand.
More real than dreams do seem,
I waited and so unexpected you came.
Though nothing I felt was planned,
I've loved you just the same.

So there I waited in that place,
where you quietly waited here too.
And I felt a hand and saw a face,
as familiar as time and like your own.
Without a look I knew it was you,
and so I knew I was not alone.

Never had trust so known me,
and doubt not been my companion.
Yet you endured me patiently,
watching intently in the manner I do.
It's greater than I could imagine,
that I could dream this of you.

Patience is my greater reality,
for my hopes tempered with time.
And if there is a love within me
that it somehow find its way to you.
Though only words and rhyme,
I hope their meaning will do.

Brian Francis Hudon
September 21, 2016

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