Wednesday, March 22, 2017

That Joy Might Reign

Give me but a day or a year,
for once in a lifetime is all too rare.
At your side I would feel no fear,
become more than the man I was before.
If her stars find me a fate more fair,
I might yet find an open door.

My days find me a stranger,
and lately on the outside looking in.
In these hours filled with danger,
I think of all the words I might have said.
I'd wish for some new way to begin,
yet I'm better if I look ahead.

I see the pain in every word,
and every hour longer than the last.
I consider everything I've heard,
and can wonder at the ways I went wrong.
If only a heart held strong and fast,
it would find days not so long.

I feel the pain in every look,
yet remember beautiful smiles too.
So much of life is an open book,
although many deeper mysteries remain.
I'm so grateful that I've known you,
for hope that joy might reign.

Once again I'll feel the sun,
and know friendship's rare embrace.
How sweet is the day now begun,
as I'd close my eyes before its brilliance.
To see morning's light on your face,
is my day's fondest experience.

Brian Francis Hudon
March 22, 2017

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