Monday, April 17, 2017

As Bold as Love

Alone in much quiet uncertainty,
I can find rest in sleeping and dreaming.
How to be all they I think I must be,
and I discover time for the person I once was.
Hidden wounds find eventual healing,
while love gives a reason to pause.

I must know beauty in what I see,
in myself and a heart and the truth of me.
Of hands that give so much, so freely,
I am afraid, for being so bold by such caring.
Yet there is one that my heart sets free,
ever smiling at my care free daring.

The shy one always looking down,
there's no need to apologize or say sorry.
In so many emotions I might drown,
or might embrace the tide to find a new heart.
I barely remember that night so starry,
yet I remember, it does not depart.

Such a reveal would leave us bare,
unveiled, before a world's watchful eyes.
So often now life is cruel and unfair,
yet we find hope for ourselves, in each other.
As the sun always shines in fairer skies,
we might always find one another.

Brian Francis Hudon
April 17, 2017

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