Saturday, April 23, 2016


Days are days but our memories dear,
and the wonder of summer in the blossom.
So in every good day you remain as clear,
in little moments, to share some word or two.
No distance remains, the feeling awesome,
to be home again when I'm with you.

In a starlit night where dreams begin,
the season never ends and never grows old.
So too we dreamers find the hopes within,
young as the rising sun and as old as the night.
Love finds no winter nor friendship cold,
in that simple promise burning bright.

Nights and mornings, hand and letter,
all the beauty of the world remains unseen.
Apprehension fades, my world is better,
I search your name, beautiful above all the rest.
Of all that will be and of all that has been,
I know these days have been the best.

Every fear becomes like some stranger,
while every sort of comfort takes my hand.
The feeling shakes me like some danger,
so familiar and yet more familiar is your touch.
Greet me again and take me where I stand,
before your leave becomes too much.

Brian Francis Hudon
March 19, 2015 

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