Sunday, April 24, 2016


Your look as clear as this night,
with eyes the same and blue as the day.
So beautiful is a moment and right,
thinking your name, I'm free and I'm me.
You are so beautiful in so many ways,
I'm thinking it might always be.

What you're thinking I can't tell,
some wild thought in color or a dream.
It's the sunfall of the day, so I'm well
though cold or nervous, laughter follows.
Smile another smile while we scheme,
beside the shadows in the hollows.

Now we part and I'm more quiet
always the sadness that knows no name.
I search the night for morning light,
and hope that makes a day more welcome.
A morning good and always the same,
it is my little world and kingdom.

Now knowing you the way I do,
I find the hours here are sweeter now.
Soon goodnight tonight, it's true,
sleep and dreams, such a pleasant prospect.
May all our experience show us now,
that life and love that we expect.

Brian Francis Hudon
April 24, 2016

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