Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Eyes, where I might know I am not alone,
for reflection, I come, I go, the world is mine.
Every truth is revealed, every secret known,
to risk rejection, here we give the world away.
Our sun is brilliant rising, sweet and benign,
revealed in light, contained in joy, a new day.

I am concealed in her, so deep in longing,
to be one's self is a mystery, joined to another.
So still I am the stranger, yet not belonging,
in the ever present danger, escaping loneliness.
To break myself apart, her eyes, the other,
every concept contained within the vastness.

Our hands, in the darkness for our guide,
a touch, the strength, bear sensation and heat.
The winter nights are not so far and wide,
we do love too much, the experience intense.
Yet this is love, a heart in heart, complete,
without self, without gain, without pretense.

I step into the world now, no longer alone,
all my appearances are lost, and every disguise.
Again, the eyes across the distances, my own,
they are yours, they are mine and they are ours.
I am terrified and comforted. I fear no lies,
being truth's companion in these new hours.

Brian Francis Hudon
August 27, 2014

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