Thursday, February 25, 2016


Take the man, take him in time,
to bear the traversal of that distance.
Speak to him mysterious rhyme,
to reveal him in every horror of war.
Temper him with the resistance,
as countless men who went before.

The hour is now, so we are ready,
a time for patient preparation is past.
Bring him about, silent and steady,
we are eager for the conflict at hand.
That time has come for us at last,
to unhinge perdition across the land.

So now they hunger for the fight,
hunger for changes and for a destiny.
They hunger with wings of flight,
for a grey day, a great day and more.
They labor through lies of history,
to conquer victorious as ever before.

War, fire, by the long dark lines,
into the abyss a numberless throng.
A legion of lights and divine signs,
it is the heavenly union of the hosts.
Like a spirit wind, wide and long,
the enemy companies fade as ghosts.

Raise banners today, torches high,
the vanquished are cinders and soot.
Truth reigns through our cyan sky,
his starry blade un-dulled, unbroken.
The enemy is weak and ever afoot,
while truth is eternal if ever spoken.

Brian Francis Hudon
November 15, 2012

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