Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Less Timid Heart

Fly upon the winds of the stars, set your wings,
to your other dreams and other things, my explorer!
A million and more, nebulous hearts, celestial beings,
you are not alone, dreamer, or at home, the wanderer.
A thousand worlds, to none we have traveled before,
flights of fancy, flights of joy, the happy conqueror!

A blackest jewel, beneath eternity's endless sky,
lovers and fools walk here speaking of trifling things.
The smallness of hands meet without the question why,
beyond this, only the sorrowful parting might they fear.
In a silent room, the less timid heart grows and sings,
I am not alone, I am so loved and so it is I am here.

Fears and tribulations all, a thousand suns shine,
'hear me, hear me,' cries a stranger, 'I am but alone'!
Love fears no darkness, I am yours and this joy is mine,
come you moon, goodnight and dream among the rest!
Every valley, along the waters where light has shown,
I reside in sweetness for one who knows me best.

Here in the ash and wood, a lesser road known,
winds and returns, in the shadows of the distant hill.
We are not ourselves, not each other and never alone,
not in the light of a room, looking out upon this night.
Our hopes and hands rest weary upon a lonely sill,
as hope burns still, like the flickering candle light.

Brian Francis Hudon
November 12, 2014

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