Thursday, February 18, 2016

Solemn as Night

Blue and green makes this solemn as night,
from sight unseen into the mountain's pale.
As on an eagles ride unto the stars of flight,
we are travelers two, unto a still new moon.
Shadows moving gently among stones frail,
are settling and steady their dreaming soon.

As mythic and prayerful their pact is made,
an ageless agreement in the summer dusks.
An act of hope before a new stage is played,
in an epic and psalm within a steel creation.
Before chaos and triumph the empty husks,
the dust of time meets its unearthly station.

Shall we retire unto the roads and the field,
in reflecting on the words of younger years.
In these new inventions for a mortal shield,
is but the silence for our breathing in peace.
Time needs to be taken for hopes and tears,
aside deep amber tides which seldom cease.

In bartering for moments of this attention,
I am who I am, for those spaces in between.
Fears of silence do not tempt our direction,
but the nearness of tidings unknown to me.
As forever unmoved stones remain unseen,
but for shadows to all we have been and be.

Brian Francis Hudon
January 12, 2009

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