Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Joyous Desert

Such sweet separation, distant, gentle and near,
brief occupation, in trust and comfort, endless turns.
Resistant, our desires are patient, friendship dear,
a look between these companions closes many miles. 
A cautious exchange, fear set aside, hope returns,
embracing daring and familiar foolhardy trials.

My two hearts, the brave and the self conscious,
ever at war and unresolved, who would I be this day?
Who I am to others, this timid paradox, cautious;
someone reach across the divide, find the way across.
If only I might recover myself and not be this way,
to fear not satisfaction and the treachery of loss.

These are the joyous deserts of my imagination,
unreconciled with the world, the same with myself.
Every curiosity, in every thought and fascination,
life brings wonder, color and sound, our landscape.
All the grey days of boredom lay upon the shelf,
abused, the final home of obscurity and escape.

Walk with me a while, let fortune take a hand,
set no courses, take the stars as they are, unresolved.
Let no silence dissuade you, I stand where I stand,
by you, trusting, hoping, where the crossroads meet.
An apprehension met and is in certainty dissolved,
herein, a heart is mine to give, stealth and fleet.

Brian Francis Hudon
October 18, 2014

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